• 50 Years since 42968’s withdrawal from British Railways

    42968 was withdrawn in the week ending 31/12/66 after 32 years and 11 months faithful service to the LMS and BR. During her years of service she carried three different numbers – 13268 from new on 14-01-34 to period ending 20-03-35┬áthen 2968 through nationalisation on 01-01-48, and finally 42968 from week ending 24-09-49 throughout her years with BR.

    From the engine history cards (EHC) we know that from entering service in January 1934 until 1960 (after which mileage records were suspended) and apart from 1950 when the recorded mileage was un-readable on the EHC 42968 ran a total of 682,947 miles. When factoring in the estimated 1950 mileage and for the years 1961 – 1966 we can assume that our engine achieved a total mileage of around 800,000 in combined LMS and BR service.

    If we factor in the 100,000 plus miles that she has achieved between 1991 and 2013 that total mileage now exceed 900,000 miles.

    66 42968+46517 Wigan (Springs Branch) mpd 25 02 67

    42968 with smoke-box No and shed plates removed presents a sorry sight at Wigan Springs Branch shed on 25-02-67 following withdrawal and awaiting movement to Woodhams scrapyard in Barry, South Wales. Photographer J F Ward

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