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WORKING PARTY DATES The overhaul of 13268 / 2968 / 42968 has began with the removal of components to prepare her for entry into the workshops, which happened in early 2014. Regular working parties meet at Bridgnorth mpd to work on the engine so she will be ready in plenty of time. Dates are on Thursdays:

June 18th and 25th.

In the event of bad weather, some days might be cancelled. Please give John Bowater a call on 01384 278075 prior to starting out.

We meet at Bridgnorth mpd from about 9.30am.

All welcome to come along, but for insurance purposes, you must be a member of the Severn Valley Railway to take part. Click on ‘The Engineer’ for full details, then come and join the fun!

28th May 2015
Cleaning and painting work continues, but another job has been tackled and is almost complete: the removal of the copper lubrication pipework and its annealing. Copper work hardens in service due to vibrations when running; annealing softens it again and avoids fatigue cracking in the future.

Photo 1 shows one of the freshly annealled pipes, that to the LH cylinder piston rod gland, annealed and refitted.

Photos 2 and 3 show the pipes annealed but awaiting refitment, all labeled up to be returned to their correct location. Also seen is the vacuum and steam heat pipes, removed to allow a clear area below the front buffer beam for lifting when the engine goes on to the jacks

Photos 4 and 5 show that painting work within the frames continues, with flatting down prior to the first coat of primer

Photos 6 and 7 show the water delivery pipes below running plate level freed from their brackets to allow cleaning and painting of structure behind them, but suspended by ropes in position before complete removal. Those on the LH side will need to to wait for complete removal until the engine is taken outside. The pipe need to be twisted around, but the engine is too close to the wall to allow this. The rear section of the vacuum pipe, already free of all mountings, will be completely removed at the same time.

Photos: Jim Norman

30 April 2015
Today saw work continuing between the frames, most of which area is now in a rather fetching grey undercoat. There is still much to do, though.

On the mechanical side, all stud holes in the cylinders have had broken studs removed where necessary and the holes retapped, ready for new bolts and / or studs. Work today included needle-gunning the cylinder castings and smokebox saddle, and removing extraneous equipment below the front buffer beam, namely the swing bracket for the front shackle, air brake connections, AWS pick-up, brackets and cross-stretcher on the leading edge of the pony truck. It is not expected that any of this will be needed during the next ten-year ticket; and will definitely be wrong on 13268!

Photos: Jim Norman

2nd April 2015
We continue with the ‘boring bits’, those items, small in themselves, but which will affect the quality of the overhaul. They are vital and someone has to do them; by the Fund’s taking them on, the SVR can concentrate on higher things.

Painting continues, and that at least is a visible achievement. Today concentrated on a sandbox, already – as previously reported – removed from the frames. Today it was given its first coat of black undercoat; more will follow.

Cleaning work continues between the frames, and Photo 3 shows those few areas where the existing paint had become thin have received a coat of primer, while further scraping and flatting have been carried out elsewhere.

Another of those unseen but vital jobs is the removal of broken studs and retapping the hole; the cylinder and valve chest stud holes also needed to be retapped – at 1″ and 7/8″ BSW respectively. This latter job is now completed. Casting markings indicated that both cylinders have been replaced at some time, as those fitted show BR M H (British Railways – London Midland Region – Horwich)

Photos: Jim Norman

5th March 2015
We’ve reached the stage where most parts to be removed have now been removed; it’s important that the chassis remains moveable. There is still much for the working parties to do, however, and while these are important to quality of the finished overhaul, a casual glance would suggest that little progress has been made. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Since the last update, all the broken studs in the cylinder flange of the Left Hand steam chest have been carefully drilled, cut and chiselled out to avoid damage to the threads. This was completed today, and next week, a tap will be run through the stud holes to recut the threads. Once this is completed, the same work will be carried out on the Right Hand cylinder.

Similar work with a tap has been concluded on the right hand steam chest cover stud holes and those of the front cylinder cover. Fortunately, in these cases none of the studs had broken off, and after all had been extracted, some with great effort, the threads within the holes were cleaned ready for reassembly. Once again, this work will now be repeated on the other side.

Further work in cleaning inside the frames was done, today concentrating on the area behind the smokebox saddle, It must be said that this paintwork is in excellent condition, and will need little more than a light flatting prior to the application of primer and top coat. Really, the engine’s exterior paintwork was also in good order when she was withdrawn from traffic, a tribute to the SVR’s painters at Bridgnorth.

The final task started today was the removal of lubrication pipework, following careful labelling to ensure it can find its way home once reassembly starts!

Photos: Jim Norman

5th February 2015
Continuing work involves both dismantling and cleaning components and structure ready for painting. The photos show:

The Right Hand Intermediate sandbox removed to allow better access for frame cleaning and painting. Its Left Hand companion soon joined it in storage.

The studs securing the main steam pipes to the cylinders had some time ago been cut off and drilled. There are eight of these each side, and much effort was put into extracting the threads of ONE of them. One down; fifteen to go!

The inside frames below the smokebox, are being prepared for cleaning, with various components being removed to allow better access, after laballing to aid reassembly.

The mid-section of the inner frames have been thoroughly cleaned, showing that the paint applied ten years ago is still in excellent condition.

The trailing end where the firebox sits is another area awaiting thorough cleaning.

In addition, the last few cylinder and steam chest cover studs were removed. These were difficult of access and much tighter than most others, but gave up the struggle eventually. Those seen here are hand tight only.

Photos: Jim Norman

8th January 2015
Today, the working party found that the connecting and coupling rods had been removed, as were the pistons, piston rods and crossheads, all having been transferred to storage. Work was then concentrated on cleaning and labelling parts, removing the remaining brake pull rods, cross stretchers, hangers and blocks. Work also included the removal of the cylinder drain cocks, with five of the six removed and most of the cross linkage loose.

Photos show:

(1) RH cylinder devoid of its piston. Carbon was also today scraped off to allow SVR fitters to measure the bore.
(2) Some of the hangers temporarily stored below the loco, already cleaned and labelled. The now clear space is obvious following the removal of the brake gear.
(3) The view between the frames; the extra space makes working inside there much easier
(4) General view of the ever more bereft fireman’s side.

Photos: Jim Norman


In March 2013, Bachmann announced plans to release models of the Stanier Mogul.

There were to be three models: 2955 in LMS livery; 42969 in early BR livery; and 42968 in late BR livery.

Although we were informed that the release date would be late 2013 or early 2014, we are now told that it will be the end of 2015 “…at the earliest.”

27th November 2014
Today’s working party concentrated on cleaning the parts removed by ‘Petal & Co’ at the weekend and preparing them to go into storage. We’d like to express our thanks to this group for the huge amount of work done; the engine has progressed considerably.

The photos give a clear idea of just how much was dismantled and labelled up ready for overhaul as needed. The third photo shows the right hand front valve head, which not only has broken rings (as do the other three heads) but also two pieces broken off its leading face. This engine has always had an appetite for breaking valve rings, as do many Stanier engines; part of this overhaul will replace the valve chest liners with a different port arrangement, which will hopefully cure the problem.

On the engine itself, work continued towards removing the steam brake cylinder. The bellcrank from the cylinder to the rigging has been removed, and three of the seven bolts and nuts mounting the cylinder itself are free.

Photos: Jim Norman

23rd NNovember 2014
On the SVR Forum today, posted by Doune1965: Most of the valve gear (except the connecting and coupling rods) came off yesterday ably led by Petal and Co.
30th October 2014
Work on the drag box continued today, culminating with the lifting of its horizontal top stretcher. The drag box is the component through which the drawbar pins to the tender are located, and thereby transmit the pull of the engine to the tender and the following train. On this engine it is a fabricated structure held together and in position entirely by nuts and bolts. Despite fears to the contrary, these mostly came apart without undue effort.

The lifting of this plate allows the examination of the entire structure for excessive corrosion and wastage, to allow the SVR to decide whether parts or even all of the drag box requires replacement.

The photos show, from the top, the top plate lifted and supported on wooden packing. The large hole centre is where the main drawbar pin drops through, the drawbar itself is visible in the lower right corner, having been previously removed. The hole for the LH subsidiary drawbar is in the square reinforcement plate to the right, that for the RH side is below the spanners. Towards the lower left corner can be seen the transverse and longitudinal stretchers which transmit the forces from the main frames into the drag box. The longitudinal stretchers, disappearing to the right below the top plate, were replaced during the engine’s restoration from Barry condition.

Photo 2 is looking along the rear face of the top plate from RH side to LF side, some wastage of the near corner being evident.

Photo 3 is looking forward along the RH flange, again showing some evidence of corrosion. Some the many bolts previously securing the structure are visible; they will all be renewed as a matter of course.

Photo 4 is taken from the LH side rear. The paint still visible on the flange should be noted. The vertical section with the oval hole is the RH main frame. The vertical tubes are spacing pieces for a cover plate fitted above the dragbox itself. Big hammers are necessary on jobs like this!

Photos: Jim Norman

2nd October 2014
Currently, work on 13268/2968 / 42968 splits between further dismantling prior to the engine’s move on to the lifting jacks; and cleaning and de-greasing areas exposed by the components’ removal

More cleaning of the frames was carried out, whwile the fall plates to the tender and their supporting structure have been removed, along with the cover plate over the drag box, which will allow a full inspection and assessment of the drag box’s condition.

The photos show the wasted blastpipe junction casting, the almost spotless area inside the smokebox saddle and between the frames behind it, also the fall plate support, drag box cover plate rmoved, and an indication of the char which had accumulated below it!

Photos: Jim Norman

8th August 2014
With the boiler removed, work is concentrated on removing or preparing to remove components from both the frames and boiler. The smokebox saddle had been cleared of the char accumulated over the past ten years and today, scale and rust were chipped away from the many bolts securing the blastpipe base, exhaust passages and the saddle itself, prior to their removal by spanner, hammer and chisel or burning gun

Work on the boiler was concentrated in three areas: freeing the manifold and clack housing to allow them to be lifted off; and the removal of the nuts securing a pipe to the underside of the boiler. Success was achieved in all areas!

Photos show:

Inside the saddle with the four exhaust pipes visible below the blaspipe mount. This, and possibly the pipes, will require removal. It is also intended to remove the saddle itself, a cast item on this class

The mainifold bolted by four bolts the the firebox backplate. With the cab roof’s no longer being in the way, access is easy, allowing…

The manifold to be split away from its mounting, to be lifted clear by crane.

Likewise, the clack housing gave up the struggle and seen resting on wooden blocks well clear of the boiler. Our leader waves to acknowledge a job well done!

Photos: Jim Norman

22nd July 2014
Today saw a major step forward with the overhaul of 13268/2968/42968, when the boiler was lifted from the frames at 12.20 this afternoon.

After removing the ashpan, the boiler was mounted back to back with that from 75069.

They both now await a space in the boiler shop to become vacant. Meanwhile, work on cleaning and dismantling the chassis can continue, with many components now far more accessible.

Photos: Jim Norman

9th July 2014
Work continues on preparing the boiler to be lifted from the frames. Today’s jobs involved further attempts – so far unsuccessful – to seperate the ejector ring from the chimney casting, without damaging either. That task continues. Meanwhile, the expansion brackets fixing the firebox to the frames were successfully freed, so that only four bolts through the smokebox and saddle are holding the boiler. These will need to be beurned out.

All flues and tubes have now been removed, partly through the efforts of the Fund’s working parties, but also through hard work on the part of the Saturday ‘heavy’ gang of SVR volunteers

The photos show the front tube plate, devoid of tubes; and the right hand side boiler sliding mount behind the trailing sandbox.

Photos: Jim Norman

29th May 2014
Today’s working parties tackled the work on two fronts: drilling and grinding the rivets securing the smokebox to the boiler barrel continued, while a start was made in the smokebox on collapsing the flues and tubes which had previously had splits gouged into them for the purpose.

The photos show the smokebox rivets drilled through to allow a flame cutter to complete their removal, with the heads ground off for similar; the view inside the firebox with the flue ends burned back; same inside the smokebox showing the splits gouged into the flues and tubes; and the work in progress of collapsing both the flues and tubes.

Photos: Jim Norman

13th May 2014
On SVR Forum today, Patrick Hearne said:

SVREngineeringSteam‏@SVREngsteam 13268 seen having the small boiler tubes burnt in the smokebox. Loco is now heavily stripped down Patrick

1st May 2014
Another working party today – more progress. The Fund’s volunteers continued in the task of grinding the heads off the rivets between the smokebox and boiler barrel, then drilling pilot holes through the rivets. This is preliminary but necessary work, and will assist the boiler smiths once the boiler is removed and enters the boiler shop proper.

There are an awful lot of rivets to be dealt with, many of them in very difficult places to get at!

Care to join us? See the working party dates above

Photos: Jim Norman

14th April 2014
The decision has been taken to provide 13268 / 2968 / 42968 with a new smokebox wrapper, so work is now proceeding to completely strip out the old one and remove the rivets securing it to the boiler barrel.

Photos: John Tidmarsh

25th February 2014
Reports from Bridgnorth say the the boiler cladding has been removed.
Photo: John Bowater
20th February 2014
With 42968 now inside the shed, work on preparing for the boiler’s removal can take a step forward. Members of the Fund’s working parties continue with their task. See below for dates.
Photos: John Oates

12th February 2014
42968 has now been moved inside the Works building.
23rd January 2014
42968 is positioned outside the Works building ready to enter once space allows, but work has been going on for many months in preparation of the boiler lift for her ten year overhaul. This has included grinding off rivets on the firebox backplate and dismantling inside the smokebox, where little now remains. The latest items to be released were the superheater elements.
Photos: John Oates

11th January 2014 Hearn_P on the SVR Forum posted:

Golden Globes 2014: TV nomination for BEST TV MINI-SERIES OR TV MOVIE

No category for best steam-propelled locomotive. An SVR party of Bewdley Station, 42968 and the sleeper should go to the awards anyway!


29th December 2013
The engine has now been moved nearer to the workshops ready for her move inside, where the overhaul will start in earnest.
26th October 2013
The Fund’s working parties have begun the job of dismantling 42968 and preparing her for entry into Bridgnorth works at the end of the year or early January 2014. To this end, work has concentrated on removing all valuable brass fittings, stripping of the boiler backplate and dismantling of smokebox fittings.

The photos by Robin Spain show the engine sheeted over while work continues in the cab.


Bachmann plan to release models of the Stanier Mogul in later 2013 or early 2014

Reports suggest that three models are envisaged: 2955 in LMS livery; 42969 in early BR livery; and 42968 in late BR livery.

More news as and when available will be posted here.

31st January 2013 Started Monday 4th February at 9 pm
23rd January 2013 On SVR Engineering website today:

42968 bowed out of traffic on 7th January 2013, after achieving her maximum boiler life. A very popular and versatile locomotive, she will await a slot in the works in the not too distant future.

6th January 2013
42968 worked her last trains of this boiler ticket yesterday, a single coach SMF Special for working members of the Fund. The engine performed faultlessly throughout the day, and the sounds of her exhaust and (correct!) whistle echoed around the valley throughout the day.

Our engine crew throughout the day was Kevin Cronin (left) and Dave Evans (right), and our thanks to them for a wonderful day. Grateful thanks also to our guards, Peter Field and Ray Durrant, not to mention Ian Walker and Duncan Ballard of the Severn Valley Railway, who started the whole thing in the first place.

Work will now begin by SMF working parties in dismantling 42968 in preparation of her entering Bridgnorth works at the first available opportunity as and whan a space becomes available. Monthly updates will appear on this site,together withdates for working parties and contact details for all who might wish to join us. Watch this space!

Photos show the engine in Highley Loop on arrival with the first run; running around at Highley, at the top of Eardington Bank, and our valiant engine crew, who looked after her all day.

See also:

42968’s last runs, from 8 mins 44 secs onwards

Photos: Jim Norman, Lewis Maddox

23rd December 2012
From Clarke_T on the SVR Forum: “Some may have noticed that 42968 was carrying a Stanier Hooter this weekend, it complimented 44871 and 43106 beautifully!
Did any Stanier 5 2-6-0s carry a Stanier Hooter? It seems likely as this example fitted on the bracket perfectly!”
In fact, the last ten class members, 2975-84, were fitted with Stanier hooters, but none of the first 30 ever had them. This is another first for 2968!
She is seen at Kidderminster with fellow Stanier, Black Five 44871.Photo: Tom Clarke
22nd December 2012
42968 in the rain at Kidderminster, 22nd December 2012.Her last couple of weeks in traffic are rather busy: she is rostered for use on every day that the Railway will be running.

Photo: Rob Newman

29th November 2012 42968 returns to traffic on Saturday, 1st December

10th November 2012 From the SVR Website: 42968 winterised until Santa operation

22nd September 2012
42968 takes water at Kidderminster during the SVR Autumn Steam Gala. Alongside is BB light pacific No 34053 and pannier tank 3650 far left; and 42968 was caught at Bridgnorth later that evening at 10.40.

Photos: Sharpo and Rob Newman

21th September 2012
42968 re-entered SVR service yesterday and was photographed by Sharpo at Kidderminster, having been turned to head north.

Click here to see photo


18th September 2012
42968 was photographed in steam today on Bridgnorth mpd by Rob Newman.

Photo: Rob Newman

14th September 2012 The SVR Roster states that42968 is due back in traffic on Wednesday 19th September, and will be in use on Wednessday, Thursday and Friday. She is also due to be turned to head north on Friday)



12th September 2012 From Chris Thomas in the Severn Valley Forum: …only 42968 is awaiting attention and the outstanding spring order is promised this week from the supplier.

20th August 2012 From the Severn Valley Railway forum: 42968 was lit up 16th August 2012

25th July 2012 From the Severn Valley Live website: 42968 Three springs broken (one of each size) awaiting supplier delivery (probably end of August).

18th July 2012 From the Severn Valley Railway Association website: 42968 is receiving new brake blocks and awaiting delivery of springs before being available for traffic. .Click here for photo in Bridgnorth yard, 21st July 2012

19th June 2012 Further to below, from Rob Newman: 42968 was stopped at the weekend with binding tender brakes, its duty was taken by D1062.

13th June 2012 From Clark_T (SVR Forum): Failed with brake problems, 43106 substituted today (was meant to be running light to Bewdley for the driving school tomorrow). 43106 now at Bewdley, D8188 hauled last down train, unsure whether 42968 available for tomorrow. 4566 still on south end train, 5164 Friday (for some reason) .

8th June 2012 Pete Cherry (SVR Forum) reports that the broken spring has been changed and the engine weighed this afternoon.

6th June 2012 From “Buffer” today on the SVR Forum: Does anyone know why we are having so many broken springs? The latest casualty is 42968.

12th May 2012
Good news!

It has just been confirmed that the boiler inspectorate has issued an extension on 42968’s boiler to 10th January 2013 (approximately six months). Extension is subject to washout frequency reduced to every 21 days instead of usual 30 days. Continuation in service is obviously dependant on there not being any major defects accruing in the interim period.

20th April 2012
42968 worked a photo charter today comprising four BR Standard coaches. Rick Eberall says, “Only a couple of showers. One just before lunch and one at the end of the day but they didn’t stop proceedings at all.”

42968 is seen leaving Bewdley and crossing Oldbury Viaduct, with Daniel’s Mill in the Background

Photos: Rick Eberall

13th April 2012
42968 Is having a washout, boiler exam and valve ring exam prior to working a photo charter on Friday 20th April
March 2012
42968 is shown having reaquired her fully overhauled Fowler tender while standing in Bridgnorth yard.

Photos: John Bowater

Engineering Update: February 2011
Following considerable work from both SMF volunteers and SVR staff, the overhaul of 42968’s Fowler tender has been completed. Having run paired with the Stanier tender of 45110 for some time, 2968 was re-united with its own tender on Friday 3rd February. A test-run was undertaken on Wednesday 8th February, which revealed no major problems. The locomotive was available for the SVR ‘s February half-term running period and is currently operational. See information below on 42968’s role in a new BBC2 drama, Dancing On The Edge.

Thank you to all who joined our working parties during the course of the tender overhaul. As the expiry of 42968’s boiler certificate looms ever closer, John Bowater would be very glad to hear from anyone interested in assisting with the upcoming locomotive overhaul (contact details in SMF News or via the Secretary via the link on the Home Page).

15th February 2012
42968 was used from 12th – 14 February for a filming contract for a BBC2 drama, “Dancing On The Edge”, due to be screened towards the end of October
15th February 2012
From the SVR Forum today:
I have today confirmed a photo charter with 42968 on Friday 20th April for details or a booking form contact me on mattfielding20@yahoo.comStock to be four maroon Mk Is
8th February 2012
From ‘D1039’ on the National-Preservation Forum today:
42968 is out on a test run today with Fowler tender for running in between Bridgnorth & Highley
3rd February 2012
From ‘madderlake’on the SVR Forum yesterday:
2968 detatched from 45110’s tender and about to get its own back
27th December 2011
More from “Oliver” on the SVR Forum: There was the intention to change 42968’s broken spring this morning but this was prevented by the 08 deciding not to start and therefore meaning that 42968 could not be put onto the wheel drop. This may now be done thursday.

Meanwhile, 2857 was failed with a realatively minor fault on arrival back at BH this evening and 43106 will be used tomorrow and most likely upto and including friday. What will be in use after that is anyones guess…!

26th December 2011
“Oliver” on the SVR Forum reports the 42968 has been stopped and 2857 has taken over her roster. He continues, ‘The problem is there is a broken spring by one of the driving wheels. I’ve been to BH MPD and heard 2857 will now probably be running at least for the rest of the week until at least friday. And it may be best to put a question mark next to 42968 on the roster for the 31st, 1st and 2nd just in case. I will let you know if I hear of any changes to this.’
17nd December 2011
42968 approaches Bewdley Tunnel at Safari Park Curve with the 12.29 ex-Bewdley on Saturday 17th December 2011.

Photos: Neil Scott

2nd December 2011
42968 was in use today on Santa train duties and is seen at Foley Park and videoed at various locations by Lewis: Click here for SVR Santa Specials.

She is diagrammed for use throughout the coming week.

Photos: Malcolm Ranieri

27th November 2011
42968 was steamed today in place of 43106, and is seen raising steam on Bridgnorth depot, and at Foley Park

The tender with newly painted leading drag box is alongside.

Photos: Malcolm Ranieri

18th November 2011
From ‘The Bugle’ of the SVRA
The Fowler tender for 42968 has recently had the box sections of the drag box cleaned and painted, brake rigging re-fitted and upon completion of the associated connections to the loco the job will be virtually complete
October 2011
42968 remains in regular use, and was seen on Eardington Bank on 24th October with thw 12/15 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster; and three days later with the same train

Photos: John Oates

Engineering Update: October 2011
42968 underwent a routine valve and piston exam at the end of August. These would normally take place every 5,000 miles, and it’s to her credit that this one took place following 6,500 miles of running.

The Fowler tender overhaul has been progressing apace. Following considerable attention from both SVR staff and SMF volunteers, the tender body has now been re-united with the re-tyred wheelsets. The majority of the cosmetic work has now been completed, with just a small area under the front dragbox to be completed. For the time being, the locomotive continues to run paired with the Stanier tender of , though it is hoped that it may be re-united with its own Fowler tender by the beginning of the SVR s winter operations.

Any SVR or SMF members interested in joining our working parties responsible for the progress on the tender overhaul should make contact with John Bowater (details in SMF News or via the Secretary via the link on the Home Page)..

Photos: John Bowater

16th October 2011
42968 was hired by the owning group, the SMF, for the entire week Monday 10th to Saturday 15th October. The Saturday involved a Members’ special with two full-line trips over the SVR with a buffet lunch in the Kidderminster Railway Museum in between. Good weather ensured a superb day for all who took part, with the engine showing that, in the ninth year of her boiler ticket, she can still make beautiful sounds.

Photos: Rob Newman and Jim Norman

27th September 2011
Big T wrote: What happened to 4160 sunday? Went up on dinner but came back behind stannier mogul? Looking forward to next year already.

Cherry_P answered: As it stood, the diagram for 4160 meant it ended up at Bridgnorth, and it needed to be at Kidder on Monday to go home. We therefore juggled things on Sunday afternoon to put 4160 on a diagram that ended at Kidder to save unnecessary light engine moves — and time! Hence the unplanned use of 42968, which DID need to be back at Bridgnorth ready for Monday’s service.

24th September 2011
Although 42968 was not rostered for use in the Autumn Steam Gala, Rob Newman photographed her at the Kidderminster stop blocks at 1.00am this morning.

Photo: Rob Newman

22nd September 2011
42968 was reported back in traffic yesterday, but no details are available.
15th September 2011
42968 will work tomorrow’s Footplate Experience trains in place of 46443.
28th August 2011
From ‘Oliver’ on the SVR Forum today in answer to a query regarding 92212: “It’s not working tomorrow because there is only one loco off BH tomorrow and 42968 was chosen because the 9F needs a boiler washout next week, so it will have time to cool down ready for Tuesday. Also, 42968 is running all next week so it makes sense to keep it hot.”
18th August 2011
From ‘Oliver’ on the SVR Forum: “I think 7812 may swap with 42968 tomorrow (afternoon I guess). The reason I think this is because 42968 has been lit up this afternoon. Will have to wait and see.”

42968 is not now expected back in traffic until Wednesday 24th August – see ‘Roster’

17th August 2011
From Chris Thomas on the SVR Forum: 42968 is out of service for a variety of small problems (cylinder, firebox, vacuum brake), which will hopefully be repaired by the weekend.
August 2011
42968 continues to clock up many miles in regular SVR service. Unfortunately, in recent weeks, re-occurring problems with the ash-pan have resulted in lineside fires. Due to being considerably warped, small gaps can allow hot embers to fall out while the locomotive is in motion.

Progress on the Fowler tender overhaul is as rapid as ever and is now seeing attention from both SVR staff and SMF volunteers. The last few weeks has seen a concerted effort to clean-up and re-paint the wheels. A start has been made on shot blasting the front drag box in preparation for painting. Repairs have also been made to a particularly worn down area of the footplate.

Any SVR or SMF members interested in joining these ever successful working parties responsible for the progress on the tender overhaul should make contact with John Bowater (details in SMF News or via the Secretary via the link on the Home Page).

22nd July 2011
As reported under ‘Roster’, 42968 broke a snifting valve on Thursday and is currently under repair. The previous day, she had to have a broken spring on the leading coupled axle replaced

She is expected to return to traffic week commencing 24th July.

July 2011 Engineering Update – extra
The recently delivered new set of superheater elements has now been fitted to the locomotive. 42968 has subsequently returned to traffic. The re-tyred tender wheels have now been returned from the South Devon Railway and were steam-cleaned over weekend. See pictures of both activities.

Photos: John Bowater

July 2011 Engineering Update
This month’s update is largely pictorial in nature. There is no particular news to report on the locomotive, other than that it is continuing to clock up miles in regular SVR service. The order of a new set of superheater elements, referred to in the June Update, has now been delivered.

The pictures below show the great progress that John and the team have made on the Fowler tender overhaul. As can be seen, both inner and outer frames are now completely painted up to top-coat gloss black. When the wheels return from the South Devon Railway imminently, the intention is for them to be repainted entirely ready for refitting.

We would still very much like to hear from anyone interesting in joining these highly successful working parties responsible for the rapid progress on the tender overhaul. Enquiries should be made to John Bowater, as per contact details in SMF News or via the Secretary via the link on the Home Page.

Meanwhile, the engine continues in revenue earning service, and is seen on shed on 22nd June 2011; and ready to depart from Bridgnorth Platform 1 on 11th May 2011.

Photos: John Bowater

27th June 2011
42968 is to have a boiler washout and boiler exam from Tuesday.
25th June 2011
42968 taking water at Bridgnorth and at the head of the 2.55 departure on 21 June 2011
Photos: John Oates

June 2011 Engineering Update extra
While work continues on the tender in Bridgnorth yard, the wheelsets are in the process of having their new tyres fitted. The photos show a stack of new tyres; a tyre having its inside diameter machined out to fit the individual wheel; and the tryre being expanded and allowed to shrink on to the wheel.
Photos: John Robinson

June 2011 Engineering Update
Earlier in the year, 42968 unfortunately suffered problems with superheater elements. Although rectified as quickly as possible this ultimately resulted in a possible visit to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway being called off. While currently operational and in regular use on SVR services, an entire set of new elements has been ordered should they be required before expiry of the boiler certificate in 2012. The loco continues to run paired with the tender of ‘Black Five’ No. 45110.

Meanwhile, the overhaul of 42968’s own Fowler tender is progressing apace. The underside has now been shot blasted and painted completely up to top-coat. Work continues on the cleaning down and final painting of the outer frames. It is hoped that application of the top-coat could be completed within the next few weeks. The wheels are currently still at the South Devon Railway for retyring though expected to return to Bridgnorth imminently.

This rapid progress has been achieved by a small working party that meets most weeks, normally on a Wednesday. We would very much like to hear from any SMF or SVR member interested in joining these groups. Enquiries should be made to John Bowater, as per contact details in SMF News or via the Secretary via the link on the Home Page.

3rd June 2011
42968 enters Hampton Loade from Bridgnorth on the LMS set

Photo: Rob Newman

29th May 2011
42968 continues in regular use, and was seen with the 1.50 to Kidderminster at Oldbury Viaduct with on 23rd May and Eardington the following day.
Photo: John Oates

23rd May 2011
42968 passed her boiler inspection on Thursday and worked the “Evening Theme” the following day. She has a pretty full schedule for the coming week (see Roster).
13th May 2011
42968 is currently stopped awaiting a boiler insurance exam, due on Thursday. She is rostered for the Evening theme on Friday.
26th April 2011
42968 stands at Kidderminster stop block on Easter Monday, 25th April 2011.
Photo: Rob Newman
18th April 2011
42968 was stopped on Sunday with a minor problem: a blowing regulator gland. Although not difficult to repair, it could not be tackled while the boiler was in steam. She was back working trains this afternoon.
12th April 2011
42968 is still in very regular use, and was photographed passing Crossing Cottage, SVR with the 13.35 Bridgnorth-Kidderminster.
Photo: John Oates
28th March 2011
Three steam locos were in operation over the weekend of 26th – 27th March 2011 for reinstatement of full lines SVR operation: 5164, 4566 and 42968 For part of the Sunday, 42968 was used on a ten coach set:
Watch 42968 on SVR here – 27th March 2011
11th March 2011 42968 will be back in action this weekend, starting Saturday 12th March.
Watch 42968 on SVR here – 12th March 2011
18th January 2011 The Stanier Mogul Fund is pleased to announce that 42968 has achieved a landmark 100,000 miles of running since completion of its original restoration in 1990. This milestone was reached on Boxing Day (2010) near Hampton Loade on the loco’s first trip to Bridgnorth. 42968 is currently operational and residing at Bridgnorth while major engineering works are carried out on the SVR. The loco is still paired with the tender of ‘Black Five’ no. 45110, and this will remain the case until the expiry of its boiler ticket in 2012. Meanwhile, the overhaul of 42968’s own Fowler tender has progressed. It was lifted to facilitate removal of the wheels on 15th December and the bodywork was placed on a well wagon. Preparations are being made for shot blasting of the underside of the tender while the wheels are at the South Devon Railway for retyring.
27th December 2010 The weather has disrupted the SVR Boxing Day schedule. Posted by Chris Thomas today: “42968 successfully worked two round trips which was essentially the service today – that was all we managed to do. 3106 failed with cylinder damage halfway up to Eardington summit. 7802 failed at Bewdley before it left the shed.
Efforts are being made to return to a full service tomorrow. 7812 is being lit up to work the BH service. 42968 will work off Bewdley. Second engine likely to 4566 subject to confirmation.
3106 left hand cylinder cover broken and left hand piston needs replacing. With any luck that’s all that will need doing.”
Let’s hope so too.
26th December 2010 Posted by Martin Creese today: Full credit to the volunteers who were there trying to raise steam on the engines this morning . 7802 succombed to frozen pipes , 42968 took the first train out almost 2 hours late
24th December 2010
42968 at Orchard Crossing, Christmas Eve 2010 at 3.07pm, banked by Bradley Manor (attached to save a path for a light engine movement). Photo: Chris Farman
18th December 2010
Seen taking water at Kidderminster today, 42868 was working Loco Turn 1. Photographed by Rob Newman from a passing miniature railway train.
15th October 2010 42968 re-enters traffic from Saturday. See Roster for details.
7th September 2010 Posted by Brian Oldford today: The welding of frames and wheels mentioned above seems to have improved its health. There’s some consideration to briefly drop the front wheel-set out to see to anything untoward there.
4th September 2010 Posted by ‘Madderlake’ today: The scheduled valve and piston overhaul is largely complete. Numerous motion bushes have been re-metalled, and, I think, a couple of them replaced. The ashpan repairs have been done and the excessive play in the trailing axleboxes has been corrected. The trailing wheelset went back in, and the driving set came out, on Thursday, thanks to your spiffy new wheel-drop. The driving axleboxes have yet to be examined in detail, but the left hand driving wheel has also needed attention. For a long time some minor cracking has been apparent in a couple of spokes. Such cracks are not unusual and are not a problem if they are carefully monitored. You can still run an engine safely even if it has one spoke broken right across. When it looked as though there was the possibility of a crack in a third spoke, action became necessary. On more detailed examination yesterday, now the wheel is out, one crack turned out to be in the paint filler, a second was relatively shallow and has already been ground out and welded, and the third deeper crack, extending perhaps a quarter of the depth of the spoke, and caused by a common type of minor flaw in the original steel casting, has now been ground out and is ready for welding. There is also a well-known short crack in the frames in the vicinity of the right hand driver. With the wheel out of the way, this can be given more thorough attention. This means that, if the boxes are OK, there is a reasonably good chance that the engine could be available for our gala.
22th August 2010 Due to continuing repairs and maintenance work, 42968 will be unable to attend the CVR / Moorlands & City Railway in November as planned and sadly has had to withdraw from this event.
16th August 2010 CANCELLED 42968 is one of several engines invited to the Churnet Valley Railway, along with (subject to availability) 71000 ‘Duke of Gloucester’, 8F No. 8624, Large Prairie No. 5199 and a surprise visitor as yet unseen in the Staffordshire Moorlands, to attend the reopening of the Moorland & City Railways’ line from Leekbrook Junction to Cauldon Lowe. This line, about eight miles long, is very heavily graded with long sections at 1:40, 1:45 and 1:59 for about half its length. 42968 is rostered to bank a twelve coach 450 tons train with 8624 at its head over the line on Saturday evening 13th November 2010. Full details to be available on the CVR’s website.
14th August 2010
The SVR’s new wheel drop facility is now installed, and 42968 had the privilege to be the first engine to make use of it. The trailing coupled wheelset has been removed to allow access to the askpan for repairs to it, while the axleboxes are having their side faces built up to prevent rubbing on the mainframes. At the same time, the piston valve chests are being rebored.
June 2010
The Stanier Mogul Fund loco has recently been re-united with the Stanier tender she was paired with for a number of years in the mid 1990’s. 45110’s tender has been returned from Barrow Hill were it has been on display with 45110. This is due to wheel flats developing on the 42968’s own Fowler tender, and to enable the loco to continue in service at this busy period, the swap was the sensible solution. 42968’s tender is a possible early candidate for the new wheel drop, although a period at Barrow Hill to be paired with 45110 has not been ruled out.
photo by Duncan Ballard
27th May 2010 42968 is to be reunited with the Stanier tender from Black Five 45110 as her own tender has suffered a number of flats to its wheels. The engine last ran with this tender in 1998, again while her own Fowler one was undergoing repairs. Although historically inaccurate as the class always ran with the Fowler 3,500 gallon type in LMS and BR service, it will at least ensure that the engine can remain in traffic.
5th May 2010 42968 returned to Kidderminster by low loader today.
23rd April 2010
42968 crosses the Dee bridge with the 14.50 Carrog – Llangollen service on Friday 23rd April 2010
15th April 2010 From Phil Johnson (Flying Fiver) from the Llangollen Railway: 42968 is with us for the first May Bank Holiday weekend and then will be going back to the SVR. Apparently she was taken down to Bewdley today in preparation for her departure to Llan on a low loader on Monday.
13th April 2010 Timetables now on the Llangollen Railway’s website: from our website ** 23rd April 2010 ** 24th April 2010 ** 25th April 2010
7th April 2010
42968 has been invited to appear at the “The Corwen Patriot Gala” at the Llangollen Railway 23rd – 25th April. Details as to when she departs from and returns to the SVR have yet to be finalised, and will be added when available.

The previous visit in April 2008 was very enjoyable, and we are really looking forward to again seeing her on this beautiful railway. Photo: 42968 enters Llangollen station 20th April 2008 with a demonstration goods during her last visit to the line.

29th January 2010
42968 was today in traffic at the GCR Winter Gala.
24th January 2010 42968 was steam tested and examined on Wednesday 20th January prior to movement to the GCR. On Saturday morning, 23rd January, she was moved by 43106 to Kidderminster and placed in the loading siding. The movement to the GCR is expected to happen on Manday 25th January.

It is reported that she will be used on the six days as stated below, i.e. Friday, Saturday and Sunday 29th – 31st January, and also both days of the following weekend. In between, she will work a photo charter; no details available.

She is booked to work the Dining Train on Friday 29th January, double headed with Jubilee No 5690 Leander. Timetables for the Gala weekend are available on the GCR’s website: Fridays timetable and Saturday and Sunday timetable.

16th January 2010 The current situation regarding the move to the GCR is – collect from Kiddy w/c 25 Jan and return to SVR on or about 10th Feb.

The GCR proposes using her 29/30/31 Jan and 6/7 Feb plus one other day for photo charter.

10th January 2010 From Sharpo: Just finished sorting photos from Saturday the 9th.Frozen point rodding at Highley caused a few problems. The loco off the 2nd train (42968) was uncoupled from its train at Bewdley and run l/e to Highley to haul the 1st train back from Highley, as 7812 was unable to run round the train. Back at Kidderminster, the two locos top & tailed the next working to Highley & return. The final working from Kidderminster was just with 7812, so Highley loop must have been operable by then.
3rd January 2010 42968 will visit the Great Central Railway to be a guest at its Winter Steam Gala, 29th to 31st January 2010. For full details, wisit the GCR website and YouTube.
28th July 2009 The engine was stopped on Bridgnorth mpd for boiler washout and repairs to various defects, mostly broken springs, brake valve problems and and steam blows. She is due back in traffic on 31/08/09.
2nd May 2009
42968 was employed on an Observation Saloon special
16th April 2009
The engine was successfully steam tested following the replacement of all small tubes and a return to traffic at the weekend is expected
24th January 2009
42968 celebrated her 75th Birthday by hauling a members’ special train from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster and return, the members enjoying a special 2968-themed exhibition in Kidderminster Railway Museum, and an opportunity of a short footplate ride on the engine within station limits.
1st January 2009 It is anticipated that the engine will soon be stopped to have all her small tubes replaced, following repeated failure of individual tubes. It is suspected that this is caused by defective material of the tubes fitted in 2002.