• Overhaul update

    Today saw, as usual, work proceeding on several fronts.

    The Left Hand expansion link was removed and is seen with its neighbour on a pallet to aid movement. Removal took an hour; cleaning required four hours! Such is the state that the hidden parts of steam engines achieve. The cleaning did though reveal the number 13268 stamped into it, so this is yet another part dating from the engine’s building over 82 years ago.

    More work occurred to the driver’s side cab. A new vertical angle bracket had been made and temporarily fitted. The bent stanchion which attaches to the cab side via this bracket has been straightened and also trial fitted for marking out. Both have again been removed for further work

    Painting, of course, continues, today on the cylinder. We decided on a change from the usual grey or black and this time chose silver. The Right Hand side was done this week, the Left Hand cylinder will receive attention next week.


    Images: Jim Norman

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