• Overhaul update




    Cleaning and painting work continues, but another job has been tackled and is almost complete: the removal of the copper lubrication pipework and its annealing. Copper work hardens in service due to vibrations when running; annealing softens it again and avoids fatigue cracking in the future.

    Photo 1 shows one of the freshly annealled pipes, that to the LH cylinder piston rod gland, annealed and refitted.

    Photos 2 and 3 show the pipes annealed but awaiting refitment, all labeled up to be returned to their correct location. Also seen is the vacuum and steam heat pipes, removed to allow a clear area below the front buffer beam for lifting when the engine goes on to the jacks

    Photos 4 and 5 show that painting work within the frames continues, with flatting down prior to the first coat of primer

    Photos 6 and 7 show the water delivery pipes below running plate level freed from their brackets to allow cleaning and painting of structure behind them, but suspended by ropes in position before complete removal. Those on the LH side will need to to wait for complete removal until the engine is taken outside. The pipe need to be twisted around, but the engine is too close to the wall to allow this. The rear section of the vacuum pipe, already free of all mountings, will be completely removed at the same time.

    Photos: Jim Norman


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